Yesterday, one of our Pre-teens, Aaliyah, tested for her yellow belt. Aaliyah has been doing MMA at our school for a little over two months. Within the two months she has trained with us, she was able to learn and perfect her yellow belt skills. Her yellow belt was well deserved. For more information about our Pre Teens class, give us a call 805-914-4129 or e-mail is at


This is YY. This week YY tested for his purple belt. He did an excellent job. YY impresses all of the instructors with his powerful and quick arm bar. For this testing, everything that Wyatt has learned within the past 6 months finally clicked in his head and it definitely showed. YY is 6 years old and is in our Kids MMA class on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4pm. For additional practice YY practices judo as well on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He is a busy bee! YY is another step closer to black belt. Keep up the great work buddy!


Yesterday majority of our advanced MMA kids tested for their new ranks. This testing was probably the longest test they have had. The cool thing was at the end of testing, they were able to break boards. They all did a wonderful job. Congrats kids on your new ranks! (Click on Image to See Image in Detail)


In our Adult MMA class we do a variety of things. We condition, kick box, grapple, wrestle, and more. Here are some pictures from yesterday’s class.