As of today’s date, we will no longer be selling Groupon vouchers. ┬áIf you already purchased a Groupon before this date, you will be allowed to use it, other than that we will no longer be offering the services.

Thanks to everyone who purchased a LivingSocial promotion. For those signing up for classes, if you haven’t worked out in awhile, you should not sign up for the Xtreme Conditioning class. Please review the class schedule before signing up for a class. Thank you.

For the next couple of days we have a new LivingSocial promotion out. You can purchase it now and you have until August to use it. The certificate is only valid for any MMA program, xtreme conditioning, or cardio kickboxing. You will need to schedule an appointment when you would like to come in.

Our April 2012 boot camp is now done. The ladies did a wonderful job. Stephanie placed 1st. She received $100, a gift certificate for a hair cut and blow dry at Shear Talent by Elisa, and a 30 minute massage with Madeleine. Maria earned second and she received a free dog wash by Cheryl’s TLC pet grooming as well as a 30 minute massage. Lori and Jaime earned 3rd place and they received a 10 dollar gift certificate for Macaroni Grill and Starbucks. Jaime is not pictured. Overall all of the ladies did an excellent job. It was a close call and all the ladies improved in fitness overall. Keep up the great work! If you are interested in competing in one of our boot camps, please call Cherry at 8059144129.



From time to time, I let students work at their own pace and list a workout. Of course I monitor everyone to make sure no one is cheating no one gets hurt. Who ever finishes first, I usually give a prize. Here was Tuesdays workout! Photo by Megan Hook.