Xtreme Conditioning

Just a reminder: we will have one last round of xtreme conditioning for the year! Cost is $49 since we have a shorter month. If you are an MMA student, no additional cost! Class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5am!

Closed Saturday, October 26th

Due to our Halloween party on Friday night, classes will be cancelled on Saturday, October 26th.

Wednesday, October 9th

We will not have cardio kickboxing Wednesday morning.

Best of Ventura County!

Thanks to everyone for their support! We were voted #3 Best Of Ventura County in the Martial Arts School division in the VC reporter!

Our main instructors

Our black belts

Tuesday, September 17th

Productive Tabata Workout in today’s xtreme class! Not bad for 5am! Today we have kids judo at 4:30pm taught by Sensei Mike, cardio kickboxing at 6:15pm taught by Sifu Backus and advanced MMA at 7:30pm taught by Sifu Peter. Have a great day!

No Tuesday 5:30pm class

We no longer offer cardio kickboxing at 5:30pm on Tuesdays.