On Saturday, January 14th at 10am we are offering a free Zumba Fitness Class. Must be 18 years old or older or have parent sign a waiver. Only first 15 people allowed. Sign up required with Sifu Cherry. Must wear socks. No shoes allowed. Hope to see you there!

Today will be the last day for classes. We will be closed tomorrow and the following week. We will reopen January 2nd. Happy Holidays from Camarillo MMA.

Yesterday majority of our advanced MMA kids tested for their new ranks. This testing was probably the longest test they have had. The cool thing was at the end of testing, they were able to break boards. They all did a wonderful job. Congrats kids on your new ranks! (Click on Image to See Image in Detail)


In our Adult MMA class we do a variety of things. We condition, kick box, grapple, wrestle, and more. Here are some pictures from yesterday’s class.



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We will accept this for all of our programs: Pee Wees, kids, and adults. Huge savings! For more give us a call 8059144129.


From time to time, I let students work at their own pace and list a workout. Of course I monitor everyone to make sure no one is cheating no one gets hurt. Who ever finishes first, I usually give a prize. Here was Tuesdays workout! Photo by Megan Hook.


At Camarillo MMA, we give our Pee Wee students a stripe for every week they attend. After 10 weeks, they test for their new rank. Even though they attend for 10 weeks, they must know their curriculum in the Wind Combat System book as well. On Monday, Camilo earned his 10th stripe on his yellow orange belt which made him eligible to test for his next rank on Wednesday. Due to ailments that were going around, Camilo was sick the week before so I was unsure if he remembered certain techniques, but I went ahead and tested him anyway since he WANTED his new rank. Low and behold Camilo knew all his techniques, was able to apply the techniques during sparring and grappling so…his new rank of purple belt was earned! Way to go Camilo! We are very proud of you!