Hi Everyone! It has been a busy year so far at Camarillo MMA.  On top of our LivingSocial promotion with 27 new students, we’ve also had 4 additional sign ups this week.  Our studio is only 800 square feet, so our space is minimal.  With that being said, we’ve limited every class to only 14 students.  Here is what we have available for our fitness classes. Keep in mind, LivingSocial students can still try the Adult MMA classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:15pm.  We want to fill these classes up before we change the Adult MMA class to a cardio kickboxing class.

The following classes have these many spots left:

Tuesday 5:15-Cardio Kickboxing: 4

Tuesday 6:15pm- Xtreme Fitness: 7

Tuesday 7:15pm-Cardio kickboxing: 2

Thursday 5:15pm-Xtreme Conditioning: 6

Thursday 6:15pm-Cardio Kickboxing: 7

Thursday 7:15pm-Cardio Kickboxing: 4

Saturday 9:00am-Cardio Kickboxing: 6


When signing up for your classes, please keep this in mind!

Today will be the last day for classes. We will be closed tomorrow and the following week. We will reopen January 2nd. Happy Holidays from Camarillo MMA.