Is your child looking to do something this summer? Here is our June Special! For new kids only! #mma #kidsmma #camarillo #selfdefense #martialarts #summerspecial   

Our next boot camp starts this Monday! Program is 4 weeks long and the class meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5am and 7am on Saturdays. Call us for more info or email us   

We are going to try to implement Mommy and Me classes at our studio. Our first trial class will be next Friday. See the flier for more details!


We have Xtreme Seminar tomorrow, but we are closed for Veteran’s Day! To all of the Veteran’s that have served and are still serving for our U.S. military, Happy Veteran’s Day! Thank you for serving our country!

Sifu Peter is not leaving for the military this month so we decided to have a 4 week boot camp.  The boot camp will begin on September 15th and end October 10th.  The cost is $150 for new members and $140 for returning boot camp students.

For more information, please give us a call 805-914-4129 or email us at or