We are having another kids summer camp July 23rd til July 26th.  The camp is from 10am til 2pm.  The cost is $120 per child plus materials fee ($25).

For every additional child, you will receive $20 off.

We will teach your child:

1. Basic Land Navigation

2. Basic First Aid

3. Hiking Techniques

4. Gun Safety

5. How to Market a business

6. How to create a business plan

7. Actual business implementation


We will also be taking the kids to the movies on one day.


The materials fee includes:

A fully loaded basic first aid kit

Entry to movies

Hiking Sticks

Arts and Crafts

Marketing material for business plan

If you are interested, please give us a call 805-914-4129 or e-mail Cherry at cherry@camarillomma.com

Camarillo MMA is hosting their second summer camp. The summer camp will begin on Monday, June 18th and will end on Thursday, June 21st. From 10am til 2pm. For the summer camp we will review: basic first aid survival skills, basic rifle safety, weapons training, survival skills, beginner land navigation, and ruck sack training. The cost per child is $120 plus materials fees. Parents must sign up their kids by June 1st. This camp is limited to the first 10 kids and outside students are welcomed. For more information contact Gilbert at gilbert@camarillomma.com or Cherry at cherry@camarillomma.com.