Last week Bradey tested for his yellow belt. Bradey is in our Pre-teen program that meets Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:45pm. He did an excellent job! Congrats on your new rank Bradey!


This past week our advanced adult MMA students went to test for their new ranks. This time we did testing a little different. We had 4 students test for their black belts so Sifu Peter wanted to do something different from our ordinary week testing. First the students that were testing for their black belts went to Calico on Wednesday, August 15th. In Calico the students were tested on their navigation and survival skills. The students were there until the Thursday, August 16th in the afternoon the students left for Las Vegas and trained in the windy, humid heat. On Friday, the 17th, we trained at the gym hotel for about an hour then went to do a sparring and grappling session at Vanderlei Sylva’s gym in Las Vegas. Other students that tested for their belts also did intense training in Las Vegas as well. There was a lot that went on for belt testing. Such as knowledge of the Wind Combat MMA System book, intense conditioning, climate change training, etc. Overall it was a great testing and our students achieved their new ranks. This was the first black belt testing that was done for The Wind Combat System.



The past couple of weeks I have had my advanced students in my kids class test for their new ranks. All of them have been loyal and dedicated students and have been training with us for over 3 years. They all did an excellent job and we are very proud of them. Congrats kids!







On Monday one of our students in our Pre-teens class, Bradley, tested for his orange belt. Our Pre-teens class has students ages 9 to 13. They meet every Monday and Wednesdays from 4:45pm to 5:30pm. Every 10 weeks our students test for their new ranks. Within those 10 weeks they have to learn certain techniques. As soon as they master their techniques, they test for their new rank.

Bradley met all the requirements for his orange belt and earned it on Monday. Congrats Bradley!