Kids Judo

Tuesday, February 5th

Today’s schedule is back to normal. 3:30pm kids fight team, 4:30pm kids judo, 5:30pm Xtreme conditioning, 6:15pm and 7:15pm cardio kickboxing. Come try your first class for free! Call us for more details: 805-914-4129. Have a great day!

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Belt testing this week

Congrats to all the kids who promoted this week!

Kids Tournament Blog

For the past couple of weeks, our students were preparing for the US Pankration Tournament that was held on Sunday, September 23rd in Laguna Hills. Because not all of our students were sure if they wanted to compete or not, we had all of...

Kids Belt Testing

This is Wy Wy. As of this week he is known as Alien because he says he no longer lives on planet Earth. Haha! Even though he can be silly at times, within the past couple of weeks, Alien, and I have been on...

Top Reasons Why Your Child Should Be in Martial Arts

There are many reasons why you should enroll your child in martial arts.  Here are the top reasons why. 1. Exercise.  The number one killer in America is heart disease. Exercise will simply save your life. 2. Self Defense.  You never know situation your...

No Judo on Tuesday and No classes on Wednesday

We will not have judo on Tuesday and we will be closed on Wednesday due to the holiday.

Kids MMA testing

This is YY. This week YY tested for his purple belt. He did an excellent job. YY impresses all of the instructors with his powerful and quick arm bar. For this testing, everything that Wyatt has learned within the past 6 months finally clicked...