Kids Judo

Tuesday, December 3rd

Today we have kids judo at 4:30pm, cardio kickboxing at 6:15pm, and advanced MMA at 7:30pm.

Our main instructors

Our black belts

Tuesday, September 17th

Productive Tabata Workout in today’s xtreme class! Not bad for 5am! Today we have kids judo at 4:30pm taught by Sensei Mike, cardio kickboxing at 6:15pm taught by Sifu Backus and advanced MMA at 7:30pm taught by Sifu Peter. Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 3rd

Tomorrow we have xtreme conditioning at 5am. Then kids judo at 5:30pm. Then only one cardio kickboxing class which is combined for beginners and advanced at 6:15pm taught by Sifu Cherry. Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 17th belt promotions

Kid’s Advanced MMA promotion pic

Today’s news!

Today we have MMA classes for ages 3 and up! Also, don’t forget we are still taking sign ups for our fitness boot camp! And just a reminder, Linda from Body Fat Test will be at our studio next Tuesday! Want more info? Give...