On Tuesday, April 8th, Linda from Body Fat Test will be running Tests from 4-7pm. Please call us for an appointment! 805-914-4129.

Today in the Ventura County Star our business was featured as the company spotlight. Read the article here: http://m.vcstar.com/news/2014/feb/08/camarillo-business-mixes-fitness-and-martial/

Happy 2014! We will start kids sparring next week. Today we have cardio kickboxing at 6:15pm and adult MMA sparring at 7:30pm. Want to check us out? Give us a call 805-914-4129. Have a great day!

After a week if us being closed, we will be opened on December 2nd.
Cardio kickboxing at 9am
Pee Wees-3:30pm
Kids 1- 4pm
Kids 2- 4:30pm
Pre-teens- 5:15pm
Kids boot camp- 6:00pm
Adult MMA 6:30pm

We hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving!