Happy New Year!  This year, for the month of January our class schedule will remain the same.  Based on attendance, we may be changing our schedule.

Groupon customers-please call to schedule your appointment before coming in. 805-914-4129.

MMA trials are by appointment only.  We will no longer be doing trials during regular class time.

Hope you all had a great holiday.

Our next fitness boot camp will begin on May 5th. If you’d like to sign up, please give us a call 805-914-4129 or e-mail us at cherry@camarillomma.com or peter@camarillomma.com. A $25 deposit toward your total is required. If you decide not to continue, your deposit is non-refundable.

Just a reminder, we are taking boot camp sign ups until Sunday! Boot camp is a 6 week program that is $220 that meets Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 5am and Saturdays at 7am. Want more info? Give us a call 806-914-4129.

Today we have MMA classes for ages 3 and up! Also, don’t forget we are still taking sign ups for our fitness boot camp! And just a reminder, Linda from Body Fat Test will be at our studio next Tuesday! Want more info? Give us a call 805-914-4129.

Boot camp starts next week! Sign up this week and do your assessment! Boot camp is a 6 week fitness competition. You workout with us on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 5am or 7:30pm and Saturdays at 7am. Cost is $180 for returning members and $220 for new members. Want more info and interested in signing up? Give us a call 805-914-4129.

Today’s schedule: kids fight team conditioning at 3:30pm, kids judo at 4:30pm, Xtreme fitness at 5:30pm, cardio kickboxing at 6:15pm and 7:15pm.

Today’s schedule is back to normal. 3:30pm kids fight team, 4:30pm kids judo, 5:30pm Xtreme conditioning, 6:15pm and 7:15pm cardio kickboxing. Come try your first class for free! Call us for more details: 805-914-4129. Have a great day!