One of the programs we offer at Camarillo MMA is kids judo. Our kids judo class has been going on for a couple of months. We had Sensei Mike’s Dad visit our studio and he surprisingly tested our students for their yellow belt. The kids did an amazing job and had their awards ceremony yesterday. Keep up the great work kids.


We have been getting a lot of phone calls on what classes we offer. Mainly our callers are asking about classes for adults, but we also have programs for kids as well. We offer classes for kids 3 and up. We have a martial arts program that is called The Wind Combat System that incorporates discipline, respect, kick boxing, judo, wrestling, grappling, self defense, and much more. If your child wants to try a class, print a waiver that’s on the right hand side of this page and schedule a time you would like to bring your child. Please call Sifu Cherry at 8059144129 for more information.