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Preteens testing

Today was E-mans final day of testing. E-man tested for his second degree brown belt for several weeks. E-man has been taking martial arts lessons with us since 2009. It has taken him 3 years to get where he’s at.

Just to give a back round about testing. In order for our kids to promote in their higher belts, they have to do a series of things. For example, they must attend class on a regular basis, they must know their skills in their Wind Combat MMA curriculum book and they must be able to explain skills through teaching or assistant instructing. Once all the requirements are met, they are ready to test. During testing, not only are their skills tested, but their physical endurance is tested as well.

Getting to be where E-man has been a long journey. All of his hard work has definitely paid off and today he earned his 2nd degree brown belt. Congrats E-man!


Kids MMA testing

This is YY. This week YY tested for his purple belt. He did an excellent job. YY impresses all of the instructors with his powerful and quick arm bar. For this testing, everything that Wyatt has learned within the past 6 months finally clicked in his head and it definitely showed. YY is 6 years old and is in our Kids MMA class on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4pm. For additional practice YY practices judo as well on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He is a busy bee! YY is another step closer to black belt. Keep up the great work buddy!


Congrats Jonathan!

This is Jonathan. Jonathan has trained in martial arts in the past and recently started taking private lessons with us the beginning of the year. With Jon’s experience and months of practice, he tested for his purple belt in the Wind Combat System this week. If you are interested in taking private lessons with us, please contact us at 805-914-4129. Day, evening, and weekend times are available.