Belt Promotions

Kids and Pre-teens MMA testing

Yesterday we had testing in the Kids MMA class and the Pre-teens class. J and A tested for their yellow belts and Liyah tested for her orange belt. I started their testing on Monday as a review of names and techniques. They knew all...

Congrats Paige!

Yesterday one of our Pre-teens Paige tested for her yellow belt. She did an excellent job! Paige attend the Pre-teens class on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:45pm til 5:30pm. Congrats Paige on your new rank!

Congrats Bradey!

Last week Bradey tested for his yellow belt. Bradey is in our Pre-teen program that meets Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:45pm. He did an excellent job! Congrats on your new rank Bradey!

Advanced MMA testing

This past week our advanced adult MMA students went to test for their new ranks. This time we did testing a little different. We had 4 students test for their black belts so Sifu Peter wanted to do something different from our ordinary week...

Closed for Adult Belt Testing

We will be closed Wednesday, August 15th until Saturday, August 18th due to Black Belt testing. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Advanced kids testing

The past couple of weeks I have had my advanced students in my kids class test for their new ranks. All of them have been loyal and dedicated students and have been training with us for over 3 years. They all did an excellent...

Congrats Aaliyah!

Yesterday, one of our Pre-teens, Aaliyah, tested for her yellow belt. Aaliyah has been doing MMA at our school for a little over two months. Within the two months she has trained with us, she was able to learn and perfect her yellow belt...

Adult MMA Promotions

Congrats Guys on your new ranks! Another step closer to black belt. Keep up the great work!