Adult MMA

Adult MMA Promotions

This week some of our students tested for their new ranks. For the adult MMA program, our students test based on The Wind Combat System curriculum. It takes about 10 weeks for our students to promote and learn new material for each rank. In...

January Promotions

It has been a busy month at Camarillo MMA with belt promotions. We are very proud of all of our students who promoted. Congrats on your new ranks!

Adult MMA

In our Adult MMA class we do a variety of things. We condition, kick box, grapple, wrestle, and more. Here are some pictures from yesterday’s class.

Amazon Local LivingSocial

We are featured in todays Amazon Local LivingSocial deal. We will accept this for all of our programs: Pee Wees, kids, and adults. Huge savings! For more give us a call 8059144129.