CAM MMA Boot Camp

Our 6 week boot camp is a season program we hold at various times of the year.  The class meets on Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays at 5am and involve indoor and outdoor workouts.  It is a fitness competition so the student with the best results wins.

We first do an assessment before the boot camp begins.  In the assessment, we do measurements of the body and we also see how physically fit you are.  We see how many push ups, sit ups, squats, pull ups, and burpees you can do without failure.  We also see how fast you can do the mile.

Our classes are always different and you will never get the same workout twice.  You will receive a journal for the boot camp where you can record your meals.  We are not registered dietitians so we can’t tell you what you can or can not eat, but we can guide you to let you know what has worked in the past for majority of our clients.

Want more information? Give us a call 805-914-4129 or e-mail Cherry at or Peter at

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