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IMG_9867The idea of a martial arts business came for Cherry and Peter Dewindt in March of 2008. After putting their marbles together, Cherry and Peter decided they were going to open an affiliated martial arts business called, The Pit Camarillo. The Pit Camarillo opened in October of 2008. Things were going well until the economy started to tinkle down. In March 2010, Cherry and Peter decided to close down The Pit Camarillo.

In the period of time The Pit Camarillo was opened, Cherry and Peter retained many martial arts students. When the business shut down, the students told us they wanted to remain loyal. They told Peter and Cherry, they would follow them wherever they went. Due to the economy, it was a tough decision to re-open a new business; however, Peter and Cherry knew there was still potential for another martial arts business. A week after The Pit Camarillo shut down, Cherry and Peter opened another martial arts business called, Camarillo Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Fitness. This time, it was Cherry and Peter’s own business and they weren’t affiliated with any other companies. Cherry and Peter created their own martial arts system called, The Wind Combat System, which is a mixed martial art incorporating: self defense, grappling, wrestling, judo, kickboxing, fitness, etc.

To keep expenses low, Cherry and Peter taught martial arts classes at local parks for a couple of months. Then the opportunity came for Peter and Cherry to rent a spot at The Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo. Cherry and Peter started rebuilding their clientele at The Boys and Girls Club, but they knew they had to expand their business. Being at The Boys and Girls Club was a great location for Cherry and Peter to get back on their feet, however, the business was at a stand still. The space they had rented was very small. In the summer of 2011, Camarillo MMA signed a new lease for a new location. Camarillo MMA opened their doors at their new location in September 2011. Because business has been great at the current location, Sifu Peter and Sifu Cherry are moving to 2100 Ponderosa Drive Camarillo, CA 93010 in June 2014.

At Camarillo MMA and Fitness, Cherry and Peter teach a variety of classes. They teach The Wind Combat System for ages 3 and up. They also teach fitness classes such as cardio kickboxing and xtreme fitness. They also hold a reputable boot camp program that is loved by many. In addition, Cherry and Peter teach private lessons as well.



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